5 Health & Safety Tips For Newborn Baby

A newborn baby is delicate, and any small mistake can cause a disaster. Several safety tips can help keep your baby. Your newborn baby will safe if you practice the following.

Always support his/her head

Ensure that you always support your baby’s head while supporting him or her. The neck muscles of babies are usually weaker than you may think. Leaving the baby’s head to swing may strain or injure these muscles.

Buy a car seat

Ensure that you purchase a baby car seat that satisfies the safety standards. Ensure that you carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions while installing the seat. Your newborn baby may feel uncomfortable at first, but they will adapt to it. You may buy a second-hand car seat but ensure that it meets the standards and is appropriately installed.

 Avoid Shaking your Baby

Most people may shake their newborn babies when they cry to make them stop or because of frustrations. Doing this is dangerous since it can damage the baby’s brain. Look for help immediately if you feel like shaking your baby. You can talk to a relative, friend, or health professional.

Never leave the baby alone

Ensure that you don’t leave a newborn baby whether they are with a pet, child, or in a bathtub. You should know that a baby can drown in 2 inches of water. You can avoid this buy bathing your baby in a baby bathtub. Also, ensure that the water is warm and not hot – look on this article about tips for first time parents newborn.

Don’t use a microwave to warm the baby’s bottle

The formula inside the container may be hotter than the bottle. Therefore, you should ensure that you confirm the temperature of the formula before feeding your baby. Also, shake the bottle well.
Keeping your newborn baby safe is your responsibility. You can enroll in CPR lessons to learn how to respond to emergencies.

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